Cheers to 2018!

Ok ok I know it's not me to "blog" but in 2018 I am stepping outside of my comfort zone. So for those who don't know me or our story here it is! 

I am a mother of 3 beautiful monsters. Ryen she is 16 and regularly models for me but doesn't love it, plays softball & cheers. Rylie is 13 loves to model but she's my busy body and is always with friends and on the go she cheers, swims and plays softball. Reid is 8 he plays anything and everything and knows more about sports then most sportscasters lol...

I have been married for 20 years this July (wow that makes me feel old) lol My husband and I also own a construction company..He loves and supports my crazy so we are a perfect match...We are pretty vanilla, we are super invested in our kids, friends and work. We work hard and try our best to play harder but being self employed is.... lord help me! It has its ups and downs... And trust that 2017 was an eye opener......

So I guess I have always loved clothes. I know most people say fashion but I just loved clothes. I love the way people sport their individual style. I love pieces that can be worn different ways, on different bodies & how a pair of shoes or a necklace can completely change your look. I grew up with lets just say less then a lot but I went to school fully clothed even if I had to wear my brothers jeans. Now thats considered cool... Awe I grew up in the wrong era of Bongo and Zcavaricci lol. Thankfully I had an amazing best friend who would share her clothes with me and together we made some pretty amazing outfits if I do say so myself. (Shout out Lisa) 

(Insert Picture of me, Lisa and our amazing style) LOL still searching!

When I had my 1st daughter in my 24 year old head I was like my daughter will NEVER have to wear the same outfit twice, wear her brothers clothes or even have to ask for shoe tie sandals because I will know whats hot and she will have every color. I know (insert eye roll) but in my head my years in elementary were horrible because  I was the poor kid who didn't have cool clothes. So I was on a mission to make sure she had the coolest clothes around. My mother who never cared for clothes she was more about education (scoff) and making a living and paying bills bla bla bla.... jk... Somehow when I had Ryen my mother LOVED SHOPPING! We would go to every store in town, then I found a girl to make custom clothing and long story longer I said lets open a store! My mom said lets do it, my husband said you have lost your mind and Spoiled Rotten was born!!! We opened in 2005 in a small 600 sq ft store and I raised my then new born and 3 year old everyday one running around like crazy the other on my back. 

So much has happened since then,  we started doing birthday parties in 2007, carrying jr, women's clothing & gifts in 2010 and then moved from 600 to 1000 then 1800 now with the warehouse 5800 sq ft. Now online... The economy has been all over the place in 13 years some good days some bad days and  some days well we take a deep breath.Truthfully I can't imagine doing anything else (except vacationing) I can always see me vacationing lol...

So thats about it. I told ya super vanilla .. I tend to over share, give un asked for advice, cuss  a little (ok maybe more then a little) , and LOVE till it hurts! Drink of choice is Tito's and Sprite. So ya wanna know anything else just ask. My goal has always been to make people feel amazing and to be completely honest you will very rarely see me in anything but my "uniform" black top, jeans, fun pair of shoes and of course accessories galore!  But thats my thing.... Let us help you find yours :)  Added bonus for reading my very first Blog entry 25% off your purchase (online only) NOW..... CODE:  BLOG25

PS.. You can follow me on Insta : SR_girl or Snapchat: srgirl1

xoxo Kristi

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  • Rita Ramone

    I don’t like to shop. I didn’t grow up with many clothes. My two kids were first in clothes. I found your ship through someone I worked with. I lived her clothes. I’m older, I don’t think I look or feel older, when I come in and I did recentlyyour girls brought me lots of tops, they were truthful, my husband loved them. His comment was, everything u but there I really like. You are my favorite store. I was in the bank and a teller young enough to b my daughter saw me in like and whispered love your top. I stopped before I went to the next window and said “spoiled rotten” she smiled and said “I saw that there and should have bought it” Thankyou for giving me a place to shop!!

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