Gel Eye Mask - ShopSpoiled
Gel Eye Mask - ShopSpoiled
Gel Eye Mask - ShopSpoiled
Gel Eye Mask - ShopSpoiled

Gel Eye Mask

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It's not always easy to settle down and relax. There are busy seasons of life when there is just too much on your mind. Yet, you don't want to miss out on vital beauty sleep. This eye mask will help you relax at the end of a long night. The responsive gel beads help to whisk away tension from headaches, puffiness, itchiness, allergies, stress, and tension. Heat or cool the mask depending on your what you most need for the time, and let the gel do its work. This relax mask makes a great gift for women.

Available in three colors: Pink, Teal, and Purple

**NOTE** This is an assortment item. Listed price is for (1) item only, the color you receive may vary. If you would like to specify a color, please complete your order then email our Customer Service department at of your selection. If desired color is out of stock, one will be chosen for you based on availability.

- 9 3/4 x 4 1/2 inch face mask
- Assorted colors
- Polyester underside
- Elastic strap
- Soothing responsive gel bead filling